Woman giving self enema

How to take a clyster Print made by Thomas Rowlandson Date Nicol Cabbage the Taylor's apprentice giving a clyster to his old mistress Print made by Isaac Cruikshank Date A French doctor with a huge umbrella under his arm, a syringe in his pocket, taking a pinch of snuff. Engraving Brass enema syringe, piston-action, driven by "lazy-tongs" mechanism, possibly Portuguese, 18th century. Goodnight, , after S. August A doctor holding death at bay from his patient:

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Woman giving self enema
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Мода на клистир.

A singerie involving a patient being treated with a clyster, the latest French fashion accessory. Print made by Anonymous After Christophe Huet Date A monkey holding a clyster in an apothecary's shop; satirizing physicians who gave enemas to ladies. In the centre, Louis 1 is seated in an enclosed throne or pulpit, holding in his left hand a bag 10 , presumably containing money, and cradling in his right arm two dolls 11 , the Pope and the Emperor; his feet are on a brazier, and snakes writhe on either side; to the right, the Grand Dauphin 2 , as a child with horns riding a hobby-horse, genuflects to his father saying "Courage Pauvre Papa". Contes de la Fontaine By:

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Woman giving self enema
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A physician with a garland of bottles, pill boxes and a clyster-pipe. Coloured lithograph by C. Print made by James Gillray Date satyr on a pedestal kicks out at a magician while a priestess attempts to insert a clyster-pipe; depicting a play called 'The Golden Rump' satirising King George II with his wife and Sir Robert Walpole. Link Reply Thread from start Parent. Claude de Saint-Hieble A peeping-tom spying on a fashionable lady receiving an enema.

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Woman giving self enema
Woman giving self enema
Woman giving self enema

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